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I was asked by venicelatteart and a few others how i did the silver for this painting, so hopefully this tutorial will help a little. Obviously there are varying degrees of complexity you can take when painting reflected surfaces, but hopefully this is basic enough to give people a starting point. hope it helps <3

some steps from the few screenshots i remembered to take oops

i spent way too long on this

remembered to take some more screenshots of my progress this time

Fenris, about 5 1/2 hours? photoshop cs5

did this quick and kinda messy. But i wanted to draw something for tia ’s birthday, plus i was feeling motivated (??) 

never played dragon age in my life, but tia likes it! and i thought Fenris had a really cool character design

liked my doodle so much i decided to use it as practice for my first time using the pen tool in PS. 

based off the recent fancasts of Arden Cho as Kate :)

i wanna say about 5 hours? 

everybody’s favourite Hawkeye in America Chavez’ borrowed shirt :) 

sketched this little guy today at an art meetup thing with some friends where i live. He’s an original character with a concept but not a plot quite yet. it was nice for my attempt at sorta-cartoony to work today

updated version of this ; thought it needed a little something more idk


you can now get prints of my stuff 

the process- gold eyeliner

uhh i’ll just call this………….. Gold Eyeliner…… about……………. 12?-14 hrs photoshop cs5 

i used a photo of this model as a starting point but also took heavy inspiration from this & tried to echo ancient egyptian portrait busts in the shape of the features

you're such a talented artist woww. i love your most recent wip. is she based on anyone?

i’m taking a few different pictures of models i have saved on my computer and kind of morphing them together. 

LGBTQ Publishing House Seeking Illustrators



To all the lovely, talented, amazing artists (that includes you, fanartists!) sharing your talents on Tumblr: Do you want to see your artwork on the cover of a book? We’re hiring!

We’re seeking freelance painters (primarily digital, but traditional is fine too if you have an excellent camera/scanner setup) to create illustrations for our our print and digital book covers. Experience is not necessary, and we’re hiring worldwide. What we expect of you is skill, creative flair, the ability to paint a photo-realistic image without a reference (or to find and license any necessary reference(s) for faces/bodies/backgrounds on stock photo sites), the capacity to accept critical feedback and revise as necessary, a strong command of English (or someone who can translate nuanced details for you), and the absolute ability to hit deadlines.

To get a sense of our house aesthetic, please check out our existing illustrated covers (by: Imaliea, Simone, Petite-Madame, April Lee, Del Melchionda, Kirby Crow, Roberto Quintero, Littleskrib, and Vongue). Fandom folks will likely recognize many of these painters; we LOVE fandom artists and would love to work with more of you!

Commission rates range from roughly $100 to $500 per image, depending on your experience, turnaround times, image complexity, image size (full jacket or front cover only), and inclusion or exclusion of typographic elements/cover design. Please note we buy the copyright, though you retain the right to display all images in your online and offline portfolios, and you receive full credit on the copyright page and our website (and a copy of the book you illustrated for). If you’re a good fit with the company and enjoy the work, we may keep you quite busy :)

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, please send a cover letter and a link to your portfolio to artdirector (at) riptidepublishing (dot) com. It’s fine if your portfolio is all fandom work, but we need to know you can paint backgrounds as well as bodies and faces, so please display as much variety as possible. We can’t wait to hear from you!

I follow SO MANY amazing artists. COME TO USSSSSSS :D (*peers at wifihunters, mycolour, amandatollesonart, sabrielart, kitty-ink, armellin, natalaze, navi1088, pompei77-bonny, hexacosm, cheuwell, and ugh I’m probably missing so many people I’m sorry if you’re awesome and I didn’t tag you it doesn’t mean I don’t love you!*

i am flattered that you are a fan of my art, but honestly the prices you are paying are probably much lower than an artist of this skill deserves. For instance, for my more involved pieces, i spend at least 10 hours on a more involved piece, sometimes up to fifteen or twenty. For the other artists you’ve tagged, they are some of the much higher-end talents i’ve seen on tumblr. Most professional artists (and these artists, even if they are technically ametures have a higher realism skill level than many ‘professional’ artists who attempt realism to) charge about $72/hour. This may seem outrageous to people who are not familiar with the art world, but someone who wants to make a living off of their art has to charge these prices in order to make just enough to live off of in a year. I’d guess that to get the quality of cover work like the examples you posted would take most artists at least 7-10 hours. This is barely above minimum wage, and it takes years of dedication and talent to become a realist painter. 

any other highly talented individual who had spent ten years (most realist painters have spent even longer) perfecting their field would never accept being charged $12ish an hour. 

These artists that you’ve tagged are worth at least $50-60/hr, and it seems to me to be fair, paying at minimum $400-500 for faster work and $650 for ten hours work.  if you really want to commission somebody who says they can only be comfortable spending 15hrs on a piece, and you think their work is very high quality, being willing to pay them at least $50/hr shows them that you respect them and their work.

most artists (like me; and i know some of these artists you’ve tagged personally face this as well) struggle daily to make ends meet, and often, even if we are trained professionally, struggle to get paid for what our work is worth, living paycheck to paycheck and wondering if we’re even going to buy groceries. Making ends meet with underpaid commissions takes constant time and energy and often works us to the bone and becomes impossible. 

i don’t mean any offense by this at all, i’m just trying to shed some light on what a lot of non-artists don’t understand. Painting at this level takes incredibly hard work, not only intellectually but can be very emotionally and physically draining. People this talented give their work their highest level of dedication. 

i know this is probably not a big publishing company and is pressed for money themselves, but believe me you’ll get a lot more interest in your publishing company from more artists and good reputation among artists (not to mention they’ll be much more likely to reccommend your books to other readers) if you pay more for commissions. 

wip of a thingy im workin on :)