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wip of a thingy im workin on :)

A piece i’ve been working on that’ll be featured in the upcoming volume of the Pariah Missouri comic book series, coming out later this month. :) you can follow them on facebook too for more updates. 

since i finished my spock painting, i thought i might post some screenshots i took during different steps in my process. :) u can click to see it in higher res.

i realized that i’d never finished spock and since it was so close to done i finished it up today. I wanted to paint spock looking more or less relaxed, so i imagined this is how me might look at home on Vulcan. :) i’m gonna say it’s tentatively, maybe, probably finished. photoshop cs5; click for hi res

i tried out the turtleneck thing but it just wasn’t feeling right so i sacrificed accuracy for the sake of aesthetic. :p 

fixed up the last little bits that were bothering me and it finally feels just right

turning these two sculptures in today. the white creature was done with oil paint and the dragon was painted with a mixture of copper spray paint and oils for the oxidation effect. Both recycled clay. 

experimenting with monster/creature designs for a character of mine and trying to find the balance between scary & feminine 

also i’ve got comics on the brain so that might be influencing her look a little :)

this hair is becoming a lot more difficult than i thought 

it’s hard to get motivated, but since i haven’t posted a progress shot of this in a while, i thought i’d do one here of the half-finished bubbles, which i had a lot of fun doing. i think to be happy with this i’d have to rework it a lot, but maybe i’ll finish it one day.

old bad-quality photo of a pencil sketch creature design i made when i was about 18 or 19 i think ! 

i really miss this design and i hope to make a more detailed painting of it sometime :). 

inspired by dragonflies/deep sea creatures, i was going to make it a sort of winged being :)

tried to do something fun and I miss my friend bri a lot!!! i saw a rly gorgeous picture of her and based this portrait on it ???

i tried to keep it pretty loose and not worry too much about realism and i really think it turned out well !!!

about……. 6 hrs??? photoshop cs5

sneak peek…………….. freehand painting/drawing ?? of my friend bri :3

im happy with it now! i’ll call it finished :)

this is baby legolas in the forest searching for crunchy leaves 

baby Legolas ruins a new tunic (again) searching for the crunchiest leaf in the forest

[about 45min sketch]

progress thus far on recycled claly dragon

he’s not gonna have scales all over, just a few along the spine and i’ll blend it in more later in my next session. Scales are hand-shaped, as is the rest of the piece